Our different professions

métiers de spécialité

In order to guarantee the durability of our buildings and ensure an optimal level of comfort for occupants, VINCI Facilities has developed know-how that goes beyond its expertise in technical maintenance and facility management.

Our different professions

    Lifts and automatic doors

    We propose a complete maintenance solution for your lifts and automatic doors to ensure comfort and safety in complete respect of the regulations. Our teams are also trained to provide maintenance in occupied environments such as apartment and offices buildings.

    • Maintenance
    • Audits, studies and costing 
    • New constructions and rehabilitation 
    • Upgrading to standards and modernisation of facilities

    Our business unit specialised in lifts and automatic doors: Manei Lift, a member of the French lift federation.

    General maintenance of housing and commercial buildings

    Thanks to the ongoing maintenance of living spaces and large-scale renovations, we enhance the value of our buildings and lengthen their life cycle while improving the living environment of those who occupy them.

    Entretien tous corps d'état
    • Renovation of housing
    • Rehabilitation of buildings and housing
    • Renovation of common areas
    • Improvements for the disabled
    • Fitting out of offices
    • Fitting out of shops

    Our specialised business unit: Saga presence

    Heating in housing and commercial buildings

    Because controlling energy expenses is a key issue for housing associations and public authorities, our maintenance of heating installations is aimed at increasing the life cycle of buildings and keeping rental charges to a minimum.                

    • Full heating contract P1/P2/P3: sale of energy, maintenance and full warranty
    • Energy and heating rehabilitation works
    • Management/consultancy and energy efficiency
    • Energy performance contracts

    Expertise: Qualibat qualification 5544

    Our specialised business units: Viron - Missenard Energies – Seinem (electric heating)

    Remote control and video-surveillance centre

    Centre de télésurveillance et vidéosurveillance

    F I Tech will help you set up a new security system and offer a comprehensive security service to your customers. Its expertise applies to both human safety and building security with a bespoke service solution.

    • Remote surveillance: processing of technical, fire and intrusion alarms.
    • Video surveillance: processing and analysis of images in real time, video patrols
    • Response to alarms: support from a network of partners who can step in anywhere in France.
    • Call centre: management of calls, management of technical emergency teams.
    • Geolocation in real time: vehicles, people, isolated worker protection (IWP) expertise; prevention, detection and rapid triggering of emergency help.
    • Management of lift alarms
    • Round-the-clock service
    • Pooling of our customers’ technical data (energy, energy management system, etc.)

    A monitoring control centre with state-of-the-art technology

    Our monitoring control centre is equipped with state-of-the-art security technology to receive video-surveillance images, a secure optical fibre network and extensive security systems based on round-the-clock presence.

    The Faceo I Tech monitoring control centre was built in 2010 according to regulation R81 and insurance standard APSAD P2.  Faceo I Tech manages the security of 3000 sites across the country.