At the service of energy performance

Buildings produce 40% of total end-use-level energy consumption. Today’s new environmental standards, combined with changes in the energy market, require better control of building energy consumption.

VINCI Facilities, highly experienced in everyday energy management and independent of energy and installation suppliers, can help you to achieve maximum energy efficiency in complete transparency.


VINCI Facilities business units manage more than 30% of green buildings with French HQE certification and have already audited more than 2 million square metres.

    With VINCI Facilities Energy Performance solutions, owners, tenants, managers and investors can:

    • Manage their energy expenditure,
    • Optimise building consumption,
    • Keep on saving energy.

    Optimising energy in service sector and industrial buildings means controlling costs, enhancing property value and meeting the regulations.

    Four customised offers

    Installation and building performance solution

    Assessing building energy performance is a key point in achieving energy savings. VINCI Facilities disposes of an array of solutions to accompany your energy strategy and look after your buildings and their occupants, from the auditing of existing solutions to the concrete reduction of energy consumption.

    VINCI Facilities solutions

    1. Assess and prioritise potential energy savings
    2. Search for profitable solutions
    3. Obtain a commitment with guaranteed results

    Energy management solution

    Reducing the energy bill is becoming a strategic issue for business units and organisations. Controlling consumption, reducing energy expenditure and optimising the management of installations are now possible with VINCI Facilities’ energy management solution.

    VINCI Facilities solution

    1. Monitoring of your energy consumption
    2. Remote reading of energy consumption
    3. Dynamic energy management
    4. Commitment to consumption levels


    Advice, Purchasing, Price Setting Solution

    The energy bill is a significant source of expenditure for building owners which means that energy contracts must correspond as closely as possible to consumption profiles and purchasing strategies.

    VINCI Facilities solutions

    1. Adjust your contracts to produce immediate gains
    2. Negotiate supply contracts
    3. Manage your contractual options
    4. Manage your energy supply contracts


    Environmental assessment and certification solution

    Building certification requires real expertise both in relation to the approach to be followed and the targets set. VINCI Facilities will accompany you throughout your environmental certification projects.

    VINCI Facilities solutions

    1. Obtain your environmental certifications

    2. Assist in monitoring certification applications

    3. Help you keep your certifications in the long term