Technical excellence for buildings and occupants

You want to enhance the potential of your property assets or control operating costs and ensure the well-being of the people In your facilities.  You are looking for a partner who is present in every field of construction expertise, energy and information technology.   VINCI Facilities guarantees building efficiency and the comfort of occupants and helps you to improve the energy performance and safety of your facilities.

    Taking care of your installations thanks to three performance drivers

    Key services provided In-house
    90% of recurring services are carried out by our own teams to ensure a short TTR and control the accountability chain.

    Specialist partners
    We organise networks of specialist partners on a regional and/or national level to provide manufacturer or high-end specialist maintenance.

    We train our technicians in complementary skills. These multi-skill technicians optimise their presence on the site. They provide levels 1 to 4 maintenance in their core business and levels 1 to 3 maintenance in complementary fields.


    Our services

    VINCI Facilities provides across-the-board maintenance: management and operation, corrective, preventive, systematic and conditional maintenance, regulatory controls, tests and certifications.

    • Ventilation, heating, air-conditioning
    • Power and lighting: relamping, building, high voltage
    • Communications: Fire safety systems, access control, video-surveillance, IT networks (offices)
    • Plumbing
    • Fire safety
    • Lifts and automatic doors
    • Structural and non-structural work: locks, false ceilings, insulation, doors and windows
    • Associated works
    • Maintenance associated with energy performance
    • BMS maintenance

    Our service solution covers the entire building, including mechanical services installations and non-structural work.

    Our expertise has enabled us to develop a high-tech solution in terms of technical maintenance over the years, particularly for sensitive sites such as datas centers and clean rooms.

    All the above services can be provided according to an energy performance approach and thus meet new environmental concerns and regulatory standards.

    Geographical proximity

    VINCI Facilities’ organisation into a network of business units offers dense nation-wide coverage, close geographical proximity with our customers and quick response times. This means we can provide the same level of service for both single-technique single-site contracts and multi-location, multi-technique contracts.


    Mobilisable resources

    If necessary, we can rapidly mobilise the technical resources present in our business units or on sites on which we have a permanent presence.

    Tools to guarantee pro-activeness, responsiveness and efficiency

    The professional tools designed or used by VINCI Facilities enable customers to monitor the progress of the work carried out and offer traceability of all actions performed via efficient, automated reporting. Our mobility solutions also encourage rapid handling of your requests and those of your occupants.

    Our latest innovations

    At your side to improve the performance of your installations

    Throughout your contract, VINCI Facilities’ engineers can suggest ways of improving the performance of your buildings and guarantee durability of your installations.