Together, strive for zero accidents

sécurité EPI

The health, safety and welfare of everyone involved in the delivery of our operations is at the core of our values. We reject the idea that workplace accidents are unavoidable. Our management has a responsibility to do its utmost to ensure the physical integrity and the health of everyone on our worksites and in the facilities we operate. Our goal is to achieve “ ZERO ACCIDENTS ”. This means that no-one should suffer injury whilst working in our clients’ premises, on our projects or whilst travelling on company business. All work related accidents are preventable.


    To achieve our goal, we expect our employees and subcontractors to work safely at all times, to take immediate preventive action if they encounter an unsafe situation affecting themselves or their co-workers and to report unsafe working practices to senior management.

    Our commitments for total safety                                                                                                                                                                            

    • sécurité
      Assess the health and safety risks for all our activities.
    • Undertake tool box talks on a regular basis; discuss the risks associated with our operations and how to prevent accidents from occuring.
    • Regularly conduct safety inspections to monitor the safety of our operations and identify improvements.
    • Analyse all dangerous situations, accidents and near misses that occur during our operations, to prevent similar events from reoccuring.
    • Ensure that everyone involved in our operations has been trained appropriately and has the necessary skills to carry out their work.
    • Communicate regularly with our employees and subcontractors regarding the importance of their health and safety and share learning
      and best practice.